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Have had XV for nearly 3 years now, trouble free. Much more frugal than my old petrol Forester, a good looker,compact. If skinny wheel fitted you lose some valuable boot space and ride in this prototype not as smooth as Forester but love it. Pity Dealers so far apart, none anywhere near Bristol.

Subaru XV
Mr B of BRISTOL, 2016

We bought the Subaru XV as a replacement for my wife's sporty Fiesta. The car she wanted would have to be a good car to drive, safe, comfortable, a petrol engine and an automatic. After testing various brands we tried out the XV. As soon as she sat in it I knew she liked it and that was from the passengers seat! I always have to drive any new car first. She loved it the moment she drove it, given that it was the first time she had ever driven an automatic and her liking for sporty cars confirmed just how good it was to drive. It has been utterly reliable, gives her confidence in the bad weather we have had. Also she is not dodging potholes as before to avoid damaging the alloys as it just soaks them up. All in all it is a well engineered car, well built and does exactly what we need. The service from our local garage where we got it from Simpsons in Highworth has been great. We will be buying another Subaru when my old Forester dies, although that does not look to be any time soon.

Subaru XV
Mrs E of CIRENCESTER, 2016

I have owned 5 Subarus since 1998 and I have never been disappointed with their performance and reliability.

Subaru XV
Mr S of RUISLIP, 2016

I moved from Legacies to the XV looking for a higher driving position and ground clearance with versatile carrying capacity meeting all my requirements. Subaru quality build, finish and reliability with enough standard features without resorting to gimmicks and of course the all wheel drive. Subaru service has proved second to none enhancing the experience of owning a Subaru.

Subaru XV
Mr A of COLYTON, 2016

Build quality, reliability, and dealer care and attention is the reason I am faithful to subaru

Subaru XV
Mr F of HAWICK, 2016

Overall a good car in all conditions and came into its own on snow and ice.

Subaru XV


“There’s a school of thought that says that crossovers are all about style over substance. The Subaru XV, with its rugged construction and genuine off-road ability, proves that’s not always the case.”

Subaru XV
Pocket-lint, 19 February 2018

"The All-New Subaru XV has won the Grand Prix Award for achieving the highest score on record in Japan’s New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) crash safety evaluation tests."

Subaru XV
Fleet Point, 19 April 2017

"Drivers may appreciate being behind the wheel of something a little different and quirky, and the comfort of knowing they will get home at the end of the day."

Subaru XV
Fleet News, 31 January 2017

"At this price point, it gives you brilliant off-roading ability, that is unmatched by many others!"

Subaru XV
Drivers Seat, 09 January 2017

"It has symmetrical all wheel drive, 200mm of ground clearance, tons of traction and will get you pretty much anywhere, as you can see by the footage here when I was climbing out of the river"

Subaru XV
Car Keys, 06 January 2017

"Subarus back to basics four-wheel drive authenticity gives the XV lots of appeal. It's far more the proper, old fashioned go anywhere 4x4 shrunken down, than the overgrown family five-door that the crossover class is used to."

Subaru XV
Autocar, 10 December 2016


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