Manage extreme terrain: x-mode with hill descent control

Summon instant, sure-footed control on steep, slippery, extreme terrain at the push of a button. See how…

Negotiating steep, rough, extreme terrain is a challenge - even to the most experienced SUV or off-road driver.

Available across several Outback and Forester models*, Subaru’s X-Mode with Hill Descent Control gives you reassuring control with the best possible grip at the push of a button. Navigate poor roads and tracks, wet or icy surfaces and challenging hills – calmly, safely and surely.

X-mode with hill descent control engaged

X-Mode with Hill Descent Control takes command of the engine, transmission, Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, brakes, and other components to provide the best traction and grip in difficult conditions. When engaged, it automatically helps maintain a constant, controlled speed when ascending up or descending down steep slopes and hills.