More comfort, more confidence.

The chassis, suspension, ground clearance, body and more set the comfort and handling of a Subaru apart. Learn more...

Suspension really matters. Too hard and the ride is harsh. Too soft and it’s bouncy with poor handling. The Subaru chassis, with rear Double Wishbone Suspension System and font struts, ensures the perfect ride on even the worst of roads. The system creates more contact between the tyres and the ground. Road bumps are absorbed better, regardless of where passengers sit, whilst vehicle handling remains crisp and tight.

Extra ground clearance

The Forester, Outback, and XV offer raised suspensions for added ground clearance. With up to 220mm available, it’s comforting to know the 4-wheel fully independent suspension is free to take you wherever you wish.

Solid body

The backbone of every Subaru model is a rigid, high-strength unibody. Demonstrating industry-leading protection in crash tests, the design also provides a uniquely solid base for the suspension – and so a responsive, quiet, vehicle to drive.