Accident Management

Subaru accident management programme

Yet another good reason to drive a Subaru

If you own a new or pre-owned Subaru, you are automatically a member of the Subaru Accident Management programme. As a member all you need to do is call our team on 0800 777 127 within 48 hours of your accident and let us sort everything out for you. No matter where you are in the UK, what has happened or whose fault it is, we will take care of everything.

Peace of mind cover

Members of the Subaru Accident Management programme enjoy:

  • A full management service including dealing with any insurance claims and keeping you up to date on progress
  • For non-fault accidents, a replacement Subaru whilst your car is off the road (if for any reason we can’t get you a Subaru we will give you something similar). If you happen to be at fault, we will work with your repairer to provide a courtesy vehicle (subject to availability)
  • Recovery for your vehicle if it can’t be driven, and onward travel for you and any passengers to your destination
  • Delivery of your vehicle to a Subaru approved repairer
  • In the case of personal injury or non-insured loss recovery, an in-house Legal Advisor will take care of any claims that may arise and act on your behalf

Complimentary membership. drive worry-free

If you bought your Subaru from one of our dealers, either new or through the Proven approved used programme or if you become a Subaru owner through another route, you are automatically a member. And best of all, this service is completely free of charge.
• No matter who your insurer is, calling us first is the easiest way to ensure that your car is repaired by Subaru
• Your car matters to us: we look after your Subaru as if it was our own
• We only use Subaru approved repairers – the best, not the cheapest
• Only qualified Subaru technicians will work on your car
• We always use Subaru genuine parts, nothing less

Accidents are always stressful. But having the experts on your side makes all the difference when it comes to dealing with the situation.

Sound advice. What should you do in the event of an accident?

1. Stay calm and call Subaru first on 0800 777 127 as soon as you can
2. Don’t get involved in an argument or discuss who is to blame – never admit responsibility at this point
3. Exchange contact details with the other person, including

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Car registration number
  • Insurance company
  • Policy number

4. Take the names and contact details of any witnesses who are willing to give them to you
5. Make a sketch of the scene or use your mobile to take a picture – note where the cars were when they collided, plus any other important details
6. Record any damage to your car – take photos if possible

Dedicated support. What we will do for you:
  • Complete claim handling in liaison with your appointed insurer
  • For non-fault accidents, provide a replacement vehicle (where possible a Subaru, subject to availability)
  • Provide you with online claim/repair progress reports
  • Carried out repairs through the Subaru Approved Repairer network
  • Use only Subaru approved parts
  • Carry out repairs to manufacturers recommended processes, controlled under PAS125 standard repairers
  • Maintain the integrity of your Subaru
  • Provide Legal team support for any personal injury claims

What do you need to do?

If you are a Subaru driver, absolutely nothing. You are automatically a member. However, to ensure you always have the number to hand, why not save into your mobile phone today so you can contact Subaru first.

Save Subaru into your mobile now: 0800 777 127.

Hopefully you’ll never have to call. But if you do, you can be sure that you and your Subaru will be in safe hands.