Subaru Sense

What others call unique, we call obvious

At Subaru we have a unique approach to engineering. In fact, it underpins everything we do. We put capability, safety and reliability first. It just makes sense. Always has. Always will.

That’s why you’ll find Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and a Boxer engine at the heart of every Subaru (except the BRZ sports coupe). Together they form a near-perfect symmetrical layout, a responsive system that delivers the right amount of power to the right wheel at the right time – to give you the ultimate confidence on (and off) the road.

It’s just one example of the unique engineering you’ll find in every Subaru (except the BRZ sports coupe). There are more below.

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The importance of Symmetry

Symmetry. We have a fascination with it. It’s what defines the incredible capability, handling and safety credentials of our Subaru vehicles.

Every one is designed and built with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive at its heart. From the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine to the rear differential, the entire system is perfectly mounted in a straight, symmetrical line.

The result? A natural balance that results in greater stability, improved handling and optimal performance and control.

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The benefit of a low centre of gravity

Natural balance. Greater stability. Exceptional control. Just some of the qualities Subaru vehicles exhibit thanks to their low centre of gravity.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is at the heart of every Subaru. This unique drive system is mounted in a straight, symmetrical line with the Boxer engine sitting lower down than conventional engines. In fact, its low centre of gravity rivals that of sports super-cars.

The result? Exceptional handling, reduced body roll and enhanced safety.

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Why our vehicles have a longer life

Over the years, we’ve retained a relentless focus on perfecting the engineering of our cars. It’s no surprise then that Subaru vehicles have a reputation for longevity and resilience.

In fact, 99.3% of Subarus sold in the UK in the past 10 years are still on the road, with the average Subaru clocking up around 200,000 miles in its lifetime. Our unique approach to engineering puts Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and a Boxer engine at the heart of every Subaru.

The result? Resilient, capable vehicles with standout safety credentials.

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Protection built in at every level

Protecting the driver, their passengers and other road users is our priority. So it’s no wonder the Subaru SUV range has the maximum 5* Euro NCAP safety rating.

The unique design of our Boxer engine is just one of the reasons why. Its horizontally opposed configuration means the engine profile is flatter than other engine types so it sits deeper in the engine bay. In the event of a frontal collision its low position allows the engine to absorb the energy of an impact. Its structure is designed to disconnect and slide under the passenger compartment.

The result? Greater protection to the driver and passenger’s lower limbs.

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Instant control on challenging terrain

Summon instant control at the touch of a button with Subaru’s X-Mode with Hill Descent Control.*

Negotiating steep, slippery terrain is challenging. X-Mode with Hill Descent Control helps you do it safely and surely. When engaged, it controls the engine, transmission, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, brakes and other components to maintain a constant, slow speed when going up or down steep slopes.

The result? The driver can concentrate solely on steering, making it easier to negotiate tricky terrain.

*Outback and Forester Lineartronic models only.

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Maintaining momentum for an agile performance

Subaru’s Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) allows you to maintain momentum and traction.

A Subaru with CVT doesn’t have gears. Instead it has an infinite number of stepless gear ratios which means it’s able to deliver the right gear ratio for the road you are on, preserving momentum that’s often lost during gear changes. It keeps the engine at its optimal rev range, increasing power and responsiveness.

The result? Agile performance, greater control and a smoother ride.


Find out more about our unique approach to engineering. Talk to the experts or experience the drive for yourself. We’re ready and waiting…