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WRX STi Press Reviews

Solihull News, 06 October 2017

"You feel connected to the driving experience in a way that one doesn't in some more sophisticated cars and its suppleness and agility ensure it rarely disappoints. On an open and empty B-road there's nothing quite like it."

Star Courier North, 07 September 2017

"Central to the appeal of the Subaru WRX STi is its excellent balance between high performance and practicality. These traits ensure the four-door sports saloon is well-matched to every-day life."

Driver's Seat, 25 August 2017

"You can drive faster than in most cars through bends as it sticks to corners like it’s the capsule at the end of a centrifuge."

News Guardian, 06 July 2017

"The WRX STi delivers sensational performance figures that knock the socks off most of the opposition."

The Sun, 13 April 2017

"The WRX STi offers superior grip, on any surface, thanks to Subarus Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. It makes sure that all of the 300bhp from the 2.5 litre turbocharged, Boxer engine’s power is directed to each wheel with ruthless precision. And a stiffened, track-tuned aluminium suspension makes for razor-sharp handling along with the grip."

Oldham Evening Chronicle, 07 April 2017

"The Subaru WRX STi isn’t a car for pootling round. It is designed for one thing: to go very quickly – especially around corners."

Car Keys, 17 February 2017

"On the road, the WRX STi more than rival cars like the Golf R and Focus RS for sheer grip, clinging hard to the road with a cleaner turn-in and better body control than any STi before it."

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Oban Times, 12 January 2017

"The WRX STi retains Subarus legendary Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system with a centre differential, which allows drivers to safely exploit the car’s high level of traction, stability and agility."

Manchester Evening News, 23 December 2016

"The latest model’s body shell is wider, lower, longer and is claimed to be much stiffer than that of the last STI saloon, giving notable improvements in ride and handling."

Telegraph & Argus, 12 November 2016

"In terms of its performance, this four-door saloon has the ability to step into the ring with any of its class rivals, going from 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds and on to a potential top speed of 159mph."

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Car Keys, 28 October 2016

""Top speed if you're brave enough to reach it is 152mph!"

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AutoExpress, 10 February 2015

"In corners, the Subarus permanent four-wheel drive system comes to the fore. It delivers tremendous amounts of grip, even in wet conditions, and gives you confidence to push the car hard, even on the twistiest roads.."

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