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Outback press reviews

Diesel Car, 01 June 2017

"Being able to pull a lever to fold each seat from the tailgate is a neat touch and i'm pleased to say the Outback handled the Tetris-like packing puzzle without breaking a sweat. Plenty of room for the children and ample space for the dog. Sorted."

Diesel Car, 01 May 2017

"The Outback's Lineartronic transmission is the exception to the rule and is a good demonstration of how the technology should work. The biggest praise I can heap on the system is the fact that, for the majority of the time, I forgot it's even there."

Belfast Telegraph, 21 April 2017

"Perhaps the best tribute we can pay to this now well-sorted car is that, despite a heavy schedule, atrocious weather and busy roads we never once felt stressed out. Here’s a car that’s always a pleasure to drive."

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Auto Express, 26 April 2017

"The biggest surprise so far has been the effectiveness of the car's Lineartronic transmission. Unlike most CVT units, this set-up is extremely well integrated with the torquey boxer diesel, making for effortless and relaxed progress."

Northern Farmer, 01 April 2017

"Thank heavens for Subaru then, and the Outback is a prime example of a trusty steed that has been polished and honed to perfection over the yeas without anything too radical in the way of restyling. Outback is a pumped-up Legacy Estate that comes with a very smooth, refined, powerful and economical flat-four diesel motor."

Autocar, 05 April 2017

"Off-road, the Outback's permanent, symmetrical all-wheel-drive system helps it to stand out among its peers. Its approach, departure and break-over angles are greater than those of most rivals, too, helping you traverse even deeply rutted tracks with greater confidence"

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House Magazine, 20 March 2017

"The Subaru Outback is a formidable off-roader which is also good to drive on the tarmac, making it ideal for those whose lifestyle mixes urban and rural activities."

CarKeys, 06 January 2017

"Can Subarus still go off road? Well yeah they clearly can, obviously some more extreme than others"

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Autocar, 24 November 2016

"The steering is better making for an effortless drive at moderate speeds and in town. With a new X-mode system that optimises electronics for off-roading, it makes light work of deep mud and grass ruts. Between this and the cavernous, comfortable interior, now enhanced with a new multimedia system, broad comfortable seats and lots of standard kit, it's easy to see why this car has a loyal fan base."

Parker's Car Guide, 23 November 2016

"What a practical, capable car this is. It's Subaru's flagship vehicle, selling in the hundreds of thousands world-wide and it's one that perfectly reflects the Brands' core values.It's hugely able on the road, nearly imperious off it, has acres of space inside and cabin quality has moved up a notch too."

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Business Insider UK, 15 March 2016

"That's because its proven all-wheel-drive system allows the car to go almost anywhere, anytime, under almost any circumstance. This means that on those days where it should really be a snow day, but the school district just won't cancel, your kids are going to be the ones getting to school. "

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Country and Town House, September 2015

"Need a practical mid-sized estate that can tackle tough off-road terrain? The fifth generation of the brand’s pioneering 4x4 crossover is ideal for transporting hoards of feral children and muddy four-legged companions."

The Scotsman, 27 March 2015

"If the current crop of fashion-led SUV's bring you out in a rash, Subaru's polished yet no-nonsense Outback offers a good blend of versatility, useful technology, all weather practicality and understated style."

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Auto Express, 20 March 2015

"Subaru's latest rugged estate is as practical as ever, but is now better to drive. The new Subaru Outback is a gentle development on a successful recipe. Its fitness for purpose is undeniable - making it perfect for rural mud pluggers and non fashion conscious urban families."

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