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Forester Press Reviews

Midlands Business News, 05 October 2017

"This is a capable and attractive vehicle which has been nicely freshened-up – building on its strengths without taking away the things that made it a good car to start with."

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The Guernsey Press & Star, 29 September 2017
"Imposing in an understated way, the Forester looks and feels like a good sized, well turned out modern family car - which it is."
The Post, 07 September 2017
"One of the most surprising aspects of the tall, upright standing Subaru is just how well it conducts itself over both windy country lanes and motorways alike."
Eurekar, 02 September 2017
"Despite the plethora of goodies, what impresses most about the Forester, Subaru's best selling model, is its tough and eager character. While the engine feels literally unburstable, and the five-door estate's appetite for hard driving and the ease with which the miles are covered remains a lasting impression."
Hull Daily Mail, 25 August 2017
"The Forester is a great family vehicle with oodles of space throughout and a generously sized 505-litre boot, expanding to 1,592 litres with the rear seats folded down. It is always a tough balancing act to be a consummate and comfortable on and off-roader, but Subaru has done well in delivering this tricky blend – and at and affordable price."
RMS MOTORING, 10 August 2017
"The Subaru Forester isn’t perfect, instead it's fabulous."
Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 05 May 2017
"Subaru has shaped the latest Forester around the serious SUV buyer's top priorities - like a high and commanding driving position, bags of interior space and cargo capacity plus ease of entry and exit for adults and children."
Belfast Telegraph, 27 April 2017

"The Subaru Forester has been recognised in an independent poll by 50,000 UK car drivers and placed firmly in the Top 10 cars to own in the annual Driver Power survey."

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Autocar, 05 April 2017

"It may be more capable Off-Road than many of its rivals. It also holds a certain amount of mechanical interest value, as Subarus tend to do."

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Gloucestershire Echo, 10 February 2017

"Without the marketing might of VW, Ford or Toyota, it's tough for Subaru to communicate the fact that the new Forester is as good as it is. The Forester emerges as one of the best cars in its class if you plan on using to its full potential. If you want something tough that won't make you feel like you are roughing it, the Forester is about as good as it gets."

Press and Journal, 25 January 2017

"Everything is better than the third generation, from styling and quality to refinement and dynamics. It's still a toughie, yet has the ride and overall comfort of a premium car with higher grade cabin trim, excellent safety fit and an impressive standard equipment package. The all-wheel drive system is as good as ever, better still when linked up with Lineartronic and the X-mode management system. Good alternative to Honda CRV and Land Rover Freelander."

CarKeys, 06 January 2017

"Can Subarus still go Off-Road? Well yeah they clearly can, obviously some more extreme than others, and in that respect, the Forester is the Daddy!"

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What Car, 01 Dec 2016

"Heroic levels of grip, ample boot and cabin space and thoughtful, practical details. Body control is impressive and with the huge amounts of grip on offer lets you dispatch B-Roads enthusiastically and traverse slippery fields confidently."

SAGA Magazine, 12 Dec 2016

"Hugely reliable, pleasant to drive, spacious, comfortable and unpretentious."

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The Daily Star, 27 November 2016

"But it absolutely bossed it. Some of the impossible-looking climbs turned out not to be, likewise the lip-biting descents. You know a muddy hill’s steep when all you can see is sky ahead of you."

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The Guardian - 25 September 2016

"Subarus sturdy Forester is so robust and uncompromising that it pays to have calloused palms before you drive."

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4X4 Magazine, 10 September 2016

"The new Forester will certainly not disappoint existing owners. It is highly capable, well equipped and with impressive specification options and has a five year, 100,000 mile warranty and 23 year anti-corrosion guarantee."

The Telegraph, 08 December 2015

"The Forester is one of the safest 4x4s you can buy. It was given a five-star rating by independent crash test body Euro NCAP, and achieved very high scores in all four areas of the testing, including 91 per cent for both adult and child occupant protection."

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The Daily Record, 25 August 2015

"Never mind all your flash outdoor shoes you can now get, Subaru’s dependable Forester is like your favourite pair of wellies."

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