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BRZ press reviews

Autocar , 03 May

" You Can't buy a much purer car in 2017 than a Subaru BRZ. With a naturally aspirated engine up front, a six-speed manual gearbox in the middle and drive that's sent to the back, it really is a mouth-watering recpie

Octane , 01 May

"A Belter on the B-roads, Subaru BRZ is subtly revised, even better to drive" This is possibly the best-value rear drive coupe currently on sale, boxer engine or not".

The Independent , 15 April

"I think the Subaru badge suits this little coupe better. It could just as well have a Porsche emblem on the grille, though, but then it would probably be £8,000 dearer. "

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Motors, 14 April

"They have worked hard to create an affordable back to basics sports car which can generate some excitement to everyday driving"

Carwitter, 14 April

"On the flip side the body control hasn’t been hampered. The BRZ is still very flat through the corners and handling is just as pin sharp, with the front end feeling ever so slightly more switched on."

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CarKeys, 05 April

"The Best Affordable sports car money can buy"

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Inside Lane, 17 March

"Grab another gear from the beautifully mechanical 6 speed manual transmission and listen to that unique boxer engine climb high into the revs where the vast majority of its power is produced."

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New Car Net, 17 March

"it remains a car of modest outright performance and accessible limits that rewards with a pure and uniquely analogue driving experience.

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Hull Daily Mail, 10 March

"BRZ Coupe is Pure Driver Enjoyment"

The Sun, 04 March

"And being lower means a better centre of ­gravity, which is one of the reasons the rear-wheel drive BRZ handles so beautifully."

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Used Cars NI, 04 March

"On a good meandering B road, things become a lot more involved and the BRZ really does show its true colours and highlights Subaru’s intimate understanding of how a car should handle."

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Drivers Seat, 03 March

"The BRZ has a really compliant ride, it’s actually very comfortable for a sports car, you can crash through some of the bigger potholes and it really doesn’t shudder through the cabin, it's very very very impressive, even as a passenger you fell incredibly comfortable"

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CarKeys, 03 March

"The BRZ still feels like a drivers car ,still fells very connected through the streering and very predictable on the roads."

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Drive, 02 March 2017

“Adding to the fun is a pleasant exhaust note not to be found in any other car, especially when you wind the engine up to 7000 revs.”

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Auto Express, 01 March 2017

“ It’s all helped by a rifle-bolt gear change and involving steering, meaning there’s little else at this price point that can put as big a smile on your face and still be usable every day.”

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Inside Lane, 01 March 2017

“It's a really joyous car and absolutely works with the driver in every scenario.”

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Autotrader, 10 December 2016

If you want to remember the joy of driving, without going at triple-digit speeds, the Subaru BRZ is a brilliant way to get your fix. It’s practical enough to be driven every day, but as much fun as something significantly more expensive.

Evo, 05 December 2016

"Superb brake feel, a great driving position, excellent six-speed gearbox and well weighted, feelsome steering. Ultimately its greater agility and more bespoke sports-car feel make it the car we’d enjoy more often."

Auto Express, 05 December 2016

The Subaru BRZ is the first rear-wheel-drive coupe from the maker, and what it lacks in power is more than made up for in handling

Top Gear, 02 November 2016

The Subaru edges it for me (against the GT-86). Compared with the BRZ, the GT-86’s front and rears ends are a bit disjointed. The Subaru is the one I prefer driving. Also, since they are all built in a Subaru factory, it sort of feels like the technicians make sure the bolts are done up that bit tighter when a BRZ arrives in front of them. It’s the Subaru that has the better gear change and slightly freer engine.