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BRZ press reviews

    Top Gear

    “An entirely excellent small, sharp coupe that’s not at all like an Impreza.”

    Inside Lane

    “At £22,495 think this entry level BRZ is well prices for what you get. This car is a bit of a rebel fighting a good fight. It is a peoples champion, a petrol heads moment of freedom, a statement to the rest of the world that us enthusiasts won’t go quietly!”

    Peterborough Evening Telegraph

    "The BRZ is more about feel and response than breaking records, and it is this mechanical harmony that provides the greatest pleasure. The 2.0 litre engine loves to rev and delivers a pleasing blare from the exhausts, while the slick manual gear-box is a delight to use.

    And yet the BRZ still has its ace card to play. The BRZ is about response, delicacy and feedback, not the ultimate lap times. Its not inconceivable that one of the current crop of 250hp super hot-hatches could post a quicker lap time, but you can guarantee the person behind is having more fun. It goes against the trend for more power, more weight and more grip and instead provides balance, agility and delicacy. If ever there was a car to teach you the core principles of driving, then this is it". - Press Association, February 2016

    Sunday Mercury

    For enthusiasts who love to drive, there aren’t many motors about for a similar price that can match it for sheer enjoyment, apart from the GT-86. But as fewer Subaru’s have been available in the UK than the Toyota, it could be argued the BRZ carries more kudos. It also looks great in the company’s famous WR Blue Mica paint

    Press Association

    The BRZ is about feel and response and it is the mechanical harmony that brings the greatest pleasure. The sheer driving joy it offers is exceptional, and the fact that its relatively modest limits means you can enjoy it more of the time. Buy one, and you’ll own a genuine 21st century sports car.


    Drive these cars back to back along your favourite road for 10 minutes and there’s no contest – the BRZ feels so much lighter, so much more alive. It’s agility and responsiveness are in another world.

    It also retains all the strengths we’ve outlined before – superb brake feel, a great driving position, excellent six-speed gearbox and well weighted, feelsome steering. Ultimately its greater agility and more bespoke sports-car feel make it the car we’d enjoy more often.

    Top Gear

    The Subaru edges it for me (against the GT-86). Compared with the BRZ, the GT-86’s front and rears ends are a bit disjointed. The Subaru is the one I prefer driving. Also, since they are all built in a Subaru factory, it sort of feels like the technicians make sure the bolts are done up that bit tighter when a BRZ arrives in front of them. It’s the Subaru that has the better gear change and slightly freer engine.


    If you want to remember the joy of driving, without going at triple-digit speeds, the Subaru BRZ is a brilliant way to get your fix. It’s practical enough to be driven every day, but as much fun as something significantly more expensive.

    Newcastle Journal

    With its sportingly sleek coupe styling and contoured bodywork, the Subaru BRZ really looks the part

    Auto Express

    The Subaru BRZ is the first rear-wheel-drive coupe from the maker, and what it lacks in power is more than made up for in handling