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BRZ Press Reviews

Daily Record, 04 October 2017

"The BRZ is a unique little car that will really please those who yearn for the fun of the open road – and all for a price of just £26,495."

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Motorbar , 30 September 2017

"A satisfyingly slingable and delightfully unpretentious driver's car; fast or slow, the BRZ makes an uplifting everyday companion. And there's not much around at this money that will put as big a smile on your face."

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Solihull News , 29 September 2017

"Sleek GT-inspired lines, the fact it sits close to the ground, figure-hugging sports seats and a relatively small but suprisingly punchy 2.0-litre Boxer petrol engine mean the BRZ offers a lot of fun and a fair measure of style in an impressive affordable package."

Eurekar , 24 September 2017

"The BRZ has a much wider appeal than just a sports car. In my view is it a luxury GT, just like the classics of old with a massive punch, yet wearing silk gloves."

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Rotherham Advertiser , 22 September 2017

"The key attraction of the BRZ is its break from the norm. As many performance car fans pile into overpowered hatchbacks, this is a car which delivers the subtlety of relatively low weight and a rear-driver chassis."

Star Courier North , 31 August 2017

"You can try to turn a small family car into a sporting hero or can start with the real thing – which is what Subaru has done with the BRZ."

Manchester Evening News, 25 August 2017

"The Subaru BRZ has just got even better with handling improvements, a little extra performance and a more aggressive front end to make the good-looking sports car continue to live up to its maker’s claim of an ‘unmatched driving experience."

Telegraph & Argus, 12 August 2017

"There's no doubt that this is a classic driver's car in the true sense, born out of an admirable desire to build a back-to-basics sports car."

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Autocar, 09 August 2017

"The BRZ just feels more special to steer. It’s helped by a lower seating position that makes the car seem more hunkered down, giving you more confidence to drive it properly. Your attention is focused on soaking up the experience of driving."

Swindon Advertiser, 18 July 2017

"BRZ was built to deliver a linear driving feel, ensuring that the car responds exactly as the driver intended. Keeping this concept in mind, the BRZ's suspension, engine and drivetrain have been further refined to enhance its poised handling and driving experience."

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The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 09 June 2017

"The BRZ has been updated for 2017 and, joining other motoring writers for the car’s unveiling, it proved itself tremendously engaging to drive on twisty Cotswolds back roads."

Front Seat Driver, 06 June 2017

"The weight distribution of the car is near perfect, a 53/47 balance at rest but moving rearwards under power, the weight transfer keeping the tyres planted. A limited slip differential prevents wasting any of the power on wheelspin, until you push that bit harder. Never does it feel unsafe, just engaging."

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The Yorkshire Times, 05 June 2017

"Subaru BRZ - Real Drivers Only Need Apply "

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CarBuyer, 01 June 2017

"Factor in amazingly precise steering, a wonderfully tactile gear change and suspension that keeps the Subaru almost completely level in corners and the BRZ is one of those cars that you want to take by the scruff of the neck and drive."

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Girlracer, 11 May 2017

"Nimble, frisky and if I am being honest, a little minx – and that's just to get you started. Take the nimble little BRZ out
on the road and you will feel how well it grips."

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Autocar, 03 May 2017

"You can't buy a much purer car in 2017 than a Subaru BRZ. With a naturally aspirated engine up front, a six-speed manual gearbox in the middle and drive that's sent to the back, it really is a mouth-watering recipe."

Octane, 01 May 2017

"A belter on the B-Roads, the Subaru BRZ is subtly revised and even better to drive. This is possibly the best-value rear drive coupe currently on sale, boxer engine or not."

The Independent, 15 April 2017

"I think the Subaru badge suits this little coupe better. It could just as well have a Porsche emblem on the grille, though, but then it would probably be £8,000 dearer. "

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Motors, 14 April 2017

"They have worked hard to create an affordable back to basics sports car which can generate some excitement to everyday driving."

Carwitter, 14 April 2017

"The BRZ is still very flat through the corners and handling is just as pin sharp, with the front end feeling ever so slightly more switched on."

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CarKeys, 05 April 2017

"The best affordable sports car money can buy."

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Inside Lane, 17 March 2017

"Grab another gear from the beautifully mechanical 6-speed manual transmission and listen to that unique boxer engine climb high into the revs where the vast majority of its power is produced."

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Hull Daily Mail, 10 March 2017

"The BRZ Coupe is pure driver enjoyment."

The Sun, 04 March 2017

"Being lower means a better centre of ­gravity, which is one of the reasons the rear-wheel drive BRZ handles so beautifully."

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Used Cars NI, 04 March 2017

"On a good meandering B-Road, things become a lot more involved and the BRZ really does show its true colours and highlights Subarus intimate understanding of how a car should handle."

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Drivers Seat, 03 March 2017

"The BRZ has a really compliant ride, it’s actually very comfortable for a sports car, you can crash through some of the bigger potholes and it really doesn’t shudder through the cabin, it's very very very impressive, even as a passenger you fell incredibly comfortable."

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CarKeys, 03 March 2017

"The BRZ still feels like a drivers car, still fells very connected through the streering and very predictable on the roads."

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Drive, 02 March 2017

“Adding to the fun is a pleasant exhaust note not to be found in any other car, especially when you wind the engine up to 7000 revs.”

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Auto Express, 01 March 2017

“It’s all helped by a rifle-bolt gear change and involving steering, meaning there’s little else at this price point that can put as big a smile on your face and still be usable every day.”

Inside Lane, 01 March 2017

“It's a really joyous car and absolutely works with the driver in every scenario.”

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Autotrader, 10 December 2016

"If you want to remember the joy of driving, without going at triple-digit speeds, the Subaru BRZ is a brilliant way to get your fix. It’s practical enough to be driven every day, but as much fun as something significantly more expensive."

Evo, 05 December 2016

"Superb brake feel, a great driving position, excellent 6-speed gearbox and well weighted, feelsome steering. Ultimately its greater agility and more bespoke sports-car feel make it the car we’d enjoy more often."

Auto Express, 05 December 2016

"The Subaru BRZ is the first rear-wheel-drive coupe from the maker, and what it lacks in power is more than made up for in handling."