pedders suspension

Pedders 'EziFit' Struts & Springs

Genuine replacement parts can seem expensive especially if your vehicle is out of warranty, so it’s easy to be tempted by cheaper non-genuine parts. The solution? Subaru Approved Parts. They are manufacturer approved, high quality parts offering an economical alternative to genuine parts.

We offer a replacement spring and damper kit for the rear of your Forester that is a direct bolt in replacement. NO modifications to the vehicle are required and NO extra parts are required.

Will my vehicle really be returned to its original Ride height? Yes, definitely! There are numerous examples of Subaru Foresters having had the Self-Levellers replaced with conventional dampers which then sit too low. This is because the original spring is too weak to support the full weight of the car as it is normally assisted in this task by the self levelling damper.

Pedders Suspension overcome this by supplying a matched set of dampers and springs specifically for this purpose. You can buy with full confidence that the vehicle will be the correct height.

Ensure your Subaru Forester is safe and fit for purpose with a suspension check. Book your vehicle in with your local Subaru dealer.

Visit our service booking page to book your vehicle in for a suspension check.

Pedders suspension kits are available for the following Subaru Forester models.

2002-2008 SG models

Rear kit includes:

2 fully assembled 'EziFit' struts and springs

Front kit includes:

2 'Comfort' gas sealed struts
2 heavy duty front coil springs

2008-onwards SH models

Rear kit includes:

2 fully assembled 'EziFit' struts and springs