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Subaru Genuine Parts


Subaru genuine parts are original manufacturer equipment: the same components that were fitted when your car was built at the factory. Our genuine parts are developed meticulously, subjected to countless performance and quality tests at every stage. By choosing Subaru genuine equipment, fitted by your Subaru dealer’s skilled technicians, you are choosing to keep your Subaru’s performance, safety and reliability as good as new for total peace-of-mind. All genuine parts and labour comes with a 3-year / 60,000 mile guarantee.

Genuine parts provide the highest possible quality
Every Subaru comprises a combination of components working closely together. Countless tests under a wide range of conditions ensure the quality of Subaru genuine parts is always improving. Our goal is to maintain the same performance level as a new car for as long as possible. Only Subaru genuine parts can do this.

Using genuine parts means peace of mind
Developed as the best possible option for Subaru models, genuine parts are produced to meet the same quality standards as a new Subaru. More than simply being the best replacement parts available, they are also designed to work seamlessly with core components such as the engine and chassis.~

Find genuine parts at an authorised SUBARU dealer
During regular servicing, maintenance, or other check-ups at your Subaru dealer, specially-trained technicians understand every aspect of your car. Using genuine parts returns your car to as-new condition.

Whether it’s a scheduled service or simply a summer or winter check, your Subaru dealer can offer the expert help you need.