approved timing belts


Subaru Approved Timing Belts are manufacturer approved, high quality parts offering an alternative to genuine parts. Genuine replacement parts can seem expensive especially if your vehicle is out of warranty, so it’s easy to be tempted by cheaper non-genuine parts. The solution Subaru Approved Parts.

Allowing the timing belt to deteriorate can result in avoidable:

• Breakdowns
• Engine replacement
• Expensive repairs
• Potential accidents
Since timing belts can fail without warning, Subaru recommend regular checks for signs of wear and tear, particularly if you use the vehicle for low mileage stop-start journeys. It’s essential to get your timing belt replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. You can find these in your vehicle’s Service & Warranty Handbook.

It’s important to ensure your vehicle is serviced regularly. Your local Subaru dealership team has a team of specially trained technicians who can check the condition of your vehicle whenever it’s in for service or repair If required, Subaru Approved Parts can be used on your vehicle if it’s over 3 years old.