texaco oils

Subaru recommends Texaco oils


Oil plays a vital role in your Subaru; just as we need water to function, your engine needs oil.

To protect and lubricate your Subaru engine, your car needs the correct oil specification. Your Subaru dealer has the OEM expertise and approved products you need.

Protect your investment
Texaco oils are specially formulated to bond with your engine’s vital parts. With 30 percent better corrosion protection and 10 percent better wear protection than industry standards, Texaco oils are blended with Deposit Shield and proven to protect one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

A well-maintained engine is a cleaner engine
When a Subaru engine is maintained with high quality motor oil, the engine can operate at peak fuel efficiency with less wear. This reduces carbon emissions. It also cuts your spend on fuel.

Checking your oil level
To get the best performance, ensure the oil level is regularly checked and topped up to the maximum specified level. Your Subaru dealer has one litre top-up packs available to purchase. For helpful tips on how to check your oil, see our quick guide on under the bonnet checks.