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Subaru Accessories


Subaru and the great outdoors: it’s a perfect match. Integrated four-wheel drive coupled with a long successful history in off-road rally, shows adventure is in our blood. Trust our engineers to give you the quality equipment and accessories you need to make the most of every outdoor activity or trip.

The UK boasts some of Europe's best cycling routes and trails. From family-friendly trails to downhill descents to scenic lanes, there’s something for everyone. Trust Subaru’s proven bike transport accessories to mount bikes safely and securely: Basic and Premium Bike Holders available for the majority of the range.

The Basic Bike Holder carries a single bike in complete safety. Constructed from matt-chrome plated steel, the lockable holder attaches to the existing roof bars of your vehicle in minutes. The clever design allows the boot to open, so it’s easy to load other cargo and biking essentials.
For transporting larger, bulkier bikes, check out our Premium Bike Holder.

The size and proportion of kayaks makes them difficult to transport. Unless you have a large van they won’t fit inside; trailers are cumbersome. Few manufacturers offer specialist OE roof-mounts for kayaks: Subaru is the exception.

Our exterior Kayak Attachment, comfortably accommodates one boat. Mounting safely and securely to the OE roof bars your kayak stays secure, without risk of sliding or wobbling, held clear of your Subaru's paintwork.

Safely towing a trailer or caravan can seem daunting. Don’t worry. We've got almost everything you could possibly require. Our towing accessories include Swan Neck tow-bars (both detachable and fixed), 13-pin wiring kits and wiring harness adaptors, and much more. Simply put, we've got everything you need to take the stress out of caravan holiday.

Family skiing trips have never been more popular. Many now opt to drive from the UK to Alpine regions of France and Italy, bringing their own skiing equipment. Transporting skis and boards inside the car rapidly eats up interior space. Instead, we offer a choice of two ski attachments: one holds 4 pairs of skis (or indeed snowboards), one holds 6. Mounting directly to the roofbars, the lockable rack can be pulled out to allow easy access to the skis/boards. A wide-opening button design makes operation simple when wearing thick, thermal gloves.
The amount of 'stuff' that the average UK family expects to take on holiday is surprising; it can often fill even large car boots. Roof Boxes carry extra luggage and keep occupants happy. Available in 380 and 430 litre capacities our aerodynamically sculpted Roof Boxes are easy to load, unload, install and remove.

Transporting Pets
Travelling with pets takes planning. Cars are an alien environment to most dogs, and though some find the whole experience exhilarating, many are understandably stressed out. We stock a variety of dog guards for most of the suitable models in the Subaru range. Easy to fit, they neatly portion off the rear of the car. Dogs will feel more secure on long trips, and can’t jump into the passenger compartment.