theft protection

Keep Your Subaru Safe


Subaru security: safety first

Advances in security technology have forced would-be thieves to become more opportunistic and devious. We have a few useful tips to help keep your car and possessions safe…

Don't leave your car running.
Too many people have a habit of leaving their car running while it warms up or while they get ready. Not only does this waste fuel; it's also a prime opportunity for thieves to make off in your vehicle with ease. Even worse, there’s a good chance that your car insurance policy would not cover this type of loss.

Double locking
It’s been a standard feature on all Subaru models for many years now – please make use of it. Clicking the lock button on your key fob twice ensures that the door cannot be opened from inside. A thief can't simply smash a window, reach in and open the door.

Hiding valuables
Despite sophisticated alarms, deadlocks and other anti-theft devices fitted to the whole Subaru range, opportunists won't think twice about smashing a window to grab valuables left on display. Always ensure portable devices like Sat Nav and phones are stored out of sight, and remember to fully close the parcel shelf/load cover on models that have them. Your dealer can fit sunshades for the rear doors and tailgates of many of our models; these also serve to conceal your valuables from passers-by.

Alloy wheels can be an attractive target for thieves. Fitting a set of locking wheel nuts is an excellent deterrent and will stop most attempts in their tracks.

Catalytic converter
Catalytic converters contain platinum, palladium and rhodium, precious metals that are increasing in value. Thieves have been increasingly targeting cars for their catalytic converters, chopping out the relevant section of the exhaust and selling it on at a profit. Owing to relatively high ground clearances, the Subaru Forester, XV and Outback can be susceptible. Speak to your dealer about what can be done to reduce the chances of catalytic converter theft.