in-car technology

In-Car Technology


With new technology emerging daily, the quality, sophistication and value of in-car entertainment has never been more exciting. Subaru has always championed fitting the latest, high-specification equipment across the range. To complement the current systems fitted to your Subaru, look no further than our wide selection of OE-approved accessory options.

4GEE Wi-Fi Hub

Be online wherever you are with a Subaru in-car 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. A recent addition to our ever expanding range, Subaru has partnered with EE to create this 4G hub, allowing any Subaru vehicle to become a Wi-Fi hotspot. Passengers can access social media, stream films and music, game online and surf the internet: the hub package feeds data to up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Compact, portable and with a built-in rechargeable (via USB) battery, the hub can also be used away from the vehicle, and easily tucked away out of sight.

Ultrasonic Parking Aid
As our roads become busier and bays become tighter and scarcer, parking with confidence can become a challenge. Ultrasonic Parking sensors make getting into tight spots safe, easy and stress free. In fact, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. Speak to your local dealer about fitment options and pricing.

12v Cargo Socket
Available for our most popular models, our 12v Cargo Socket installs neatly within the confines of your glovebox. Devices can be charged safely and kept out of sight. The 12v socket also offers power for aftermarket In Car Entertainment devices. Speak to your local Subaru dealer about fitment options and prices.

Rear Seat Entertainment Holder for iPad
One of the best features of in car technology has been the ability for passengers to watch films and TV programmes while on the go. Our Rear Seat Entertainment Holder - a firm favourite with children - makes this easy, comfortable and safe. Attaching to the rear of the head-rest, the unit provides a stable platform that can be rotated and tilted to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Subaru Refrigerator
Ever wanted an ice cold soft drink on a scorching hot day while stuck in traffic? Then this is for you. One of our most popular dealer-fitted lifestyle accessories, the spacious Subaru fridge will comfortably hold a wide selection of different beverages, food stuffs and snacks. The unit operates on a DC power supply from the car.

Interior Illumination Kit for Subaru Levorg
A neat little styling accessory that makes a massive visual impact, our Interior Illumination Kit features high tech LEDs that mount into the front footwells of the new Levorg. It goes without saying it’s about more than aesthetics; the crisp blue light emitted by the LEDs provides welcome reassurance when getting in and out of the car at night.