travel tips

Family Travel Tips


Road trips are exciting - especially in a Subaru. To ensure everyone enjoys the same sense of adventure, here are a few handy pointers we hope may help…

1) Your Subaru: serviced?
Subaru reliability is built-in for life – provided your car is correctly serviced and maintained. A Subaru dealer has expertly trained and properly-equipped technicians. Call your nearest Subaru dealer today who will be happy to book your vehicle in for a pre-holiday/winter health check.

2) SatNAV: mapping up to date?
Two minutes checking out your route on-line at home just before setting off is always wise. Spotting traffic build-ups or incidents can help you avoid unnecessary hold-ups and delays. It's also worth ensuring that your SatNAV is in good working order – in particular, that mapping and system software is fully up to date. Your dealer will be glad to help.

3) Children: happily occupied?
Your Subaru’s digital and in-car entertainment features mean that even the most impatient travellers are quickly and happily occupied. By adding Subaru’s mobile broadband hub to create an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, up to 10 devices can access social media, stream films and music, game online and surf the internet on the move. For young film fans, we stock a Rear Seat Entertainment Holder that's custom designed for the iPad. A dealer fitted option, the Holder attaches in a secure manner and allows for the iPad to be adjusted for optimal viewing.

4) Tyres: checked and safe?
Whilst mechanical care should be left to a local Subaru dealer, there are some pre-travel safety checks that are easy to carry out at home. Tyres – the only point of contact with the road – are a safety critical component. Make sure:
• they are inflated to the correct PSI (check the owner’s manual and consult your dealer if unsure)
• that they have enough tread left (UK law states that the minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres, across the central ¾ of the tread around the complete circumference)
• that they're free from nicks, cuts and foreign debris

5) Health: well fed and hydrated?
Sounds obvious, yet it's amazing how many families set off on long journeys without taking appropriate provisions. Staying well fed and properly hydrated matters. It will improve concentration (even more important for the driver) and help calm any fractious youngsters.