subaru glass coating

Subaru Glasscoat

Superior paint, alloy wheel & fabric protection

We know you want the best for your car, that’s why we are offering the Subaru Glass Coating paint, alloy wheel and fabric protection package, so your vehicle retains that showroom finish long after you’ve driven off the forecourt.
The advanced formula of Subaru Glass Coating bonds the protective coating to your Subaru’s paintwork to provide unrivalled durability. The glass-like ceramic finish is impervious to temperature extremes and chemical solvents. Better still, the coating actually toughens with age! No other vehicle protection product works in this way.
Subaru Glass Coating repels liquids and is extremely resistant to acid rain, pollution, solvent and road salt. It also shrugs off the harsh effects of mechanical car washing and bird lime deposits. Unlike traditional wax or polymer sealants, once applied, Subaru Glass Coating removes the need for waxing. Simply wash away the dirt and grime regularly to maintain a showroom shine.
Subaru Glass Coating needs to be applied just once at your Subaru authorised dealer, and comes with a 5 year guarantee against paint deterioration.
When you come to sell your car, the guarantee is transferable to the next owner and this could help to maintain your car’s residual value.

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Alloy Wheels
Subaru Alloy Wheel Protector will make your alloy wheels easy to clean, road grime and brake dust will sit on the surface of the coating, so there’s no need to use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean your alloys, just a simple wash is all that is required.

Interior Protection
Children, pets, dirty sports kit and leaking lunch boxes, Subaru Fabric Protection means you have peace of mind that the interior of your car is working as hard as the exterior. Following a single application of Subaru Glass Coating Fabric Protection, the carpets and upholstery are coated with a hypo-allergenic PTFE formula that provides a tough, stain resistant barrier against all that comes with living a full and active lifestyle.

Subaru Glass Coating benefits include:
• A transferable 5 year guarantee
• Easier, faster cleaning, less effort and cost
• Fully tested and endorsed by Subaru Europe
• Environmentally friendly
• In the event of an accident the product can be reinstated on new paintwork and alloy wheels

Please note, Subaru Glasscoat is a paint protection system. Rectification of paint damage, stone chips etc on older vehicles might incur extra cost.