Subaru genuine parts

Subaru Genuine Air Filters

Keep Your Engine Clean

Every engine requires clean air to operate efficiently, that’s why your Subaru has an engine air filter. Your filter helps to prevent dust, dirt and any other harmful materials entering the combustion chamber and the right filter also helps ensure that a sufficient volume of air flows to the engine.

The conditions in which you drive can determine how often you change the air filter in your Subaru. If your daily commute takes you on dusty roads or highly polluted areas with smog you may need to change it more frequently. Every time you take your Subaru in for routine service, your engine air filter will be checked. It’s hard to tell if your filter isn’t operating at its best. To ensure your engine filter is working efficiently, pop in to your local Subaru dealer who will be happy to check your filter and replace it if necessary. Subaru engine air filters are designed to be a perfect first time fit and ensure your Subaru performs as good as the day it left the factory.