cabin filter

Cabin Filter


Your Subaru’s cabin filter cleans the air that enters your vehicle through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Catching dust and other airborne materials, it’s especially important for those who may have allergies or respiratory problems.

Over time, the fibres that make up the filter can become clogged, causing poor ventilation and compromising the performance of the air-conditioning. In cold weather, this can mean the air conditioning will take longer to defrost your windscreen or clear condensation.

To avoid this, have your cabin filter replaced regularly. Changing it forms part of the routine service by your Subaru dealer.

Benefits of having your cabin filter regularly changed:

Comfort – Exhaust emissions from heavy traffic outside can become unpleasant. A fully-functioning cabin filter will help to reduce any odours entering the cabin.

Hygiene – The cabin filter helps reduce the build-up of dust, leaves and other deposits in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in your vehicle.

Your health and allergies – A new cabin filter helps to reduce the number of air pollutants. Pollutants can cause you to feel nauseous, drowsy, or contribute to headaches and fatigue. Allergy sufferers will also benefit from a fresh clean cabin filter install as dust and other contaminants will be filtered out of the air entering the cabin of the vehicle.

Ventilation – A blocked cabin filter will impede the flow of air that enters the heating and ventilation system of your vehicle causing it to be inefficient.