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I have only covered 650 miles in the 14 days since I collected the car. But it really is a joy to drive, I have been quite disappointed when I reach my destination! Tomorrow I will see how it performs pulling our caravan. John Austin

Subaru Outback
Mr A of SWINDON, 2016

The 2016 Subaru Outback se Premium Lineartronic that I recently purchased is an absolutely perfect all rounder. After years of driving a number of German marques I can honestly say that the Subaru is simply better from a comfort, capability, technology and value perspective. What it lacks in high end interior finish it more than makes up for in character and practicality.

Subaru Outback
Mr H of BURY, 2016

I am a great fan of Subaru cars, and am presently driving my fifth. Living in Scotland at a height of 300 ft. above sea level the 4Wd is invaluable and means we can get out of our village when we have snow in the winter, whilst others can't. However even in towns the Outback has so many helpful features and I especially appreciate the wonderful turning circle. Nearly as good as a black cab.

Subaru Outback
Sir M of CUPAR, 2016

Well built, comfortable, fuel efficient (57mpg), nice to drive

Subaru Outback
Mr B of GLASGOW, 2016

Second Outback we now have, the latest very smooth and quiet with the gear box improved. We have found the Outback invaluable in the adverse weather conditions of recent history. On the negative 1st Outback, we have had trouble with the fancy clutch, failing suddenly and apparently these new designs are giving trouble generally. The two keys have had to be fitted with new mother boards, both incidents at considerable cost! Not being a techi (too old not having had training) certain features have been a challenge on the second new Outback. Sat Nav 'Town' should also read 'or Post code' leaving a space in it. Quick list required, how to liven up without engine running, warning passenger cannot leave their key in the car if wanting to lock up, and reminder one can alter the wheel position for comfort. Just little wrinkles would help getting used to the new. But otherwise very happy and the mpg guide very useful.

Subaru Outback

Our new Outback is a hit with everyone in the family. High quality interior, acres of space, all the equipment we need, pleasant styling plus the usual Subaru strengths (great traction and seemingly indestructible). Power tailgate an enormous hit with our seven year old son.

Subaru Outback
Mrs H of LONDON, 2016


"Perhaps the best tribute we can pay to this now well-sorted car is that, despite a heavy schedule, atrocious weather and busy roads we never once felt stressed out. Here’s a car that’s always a pleasure to drive."

Subaru Outback
Belfast Telegraph, 21 April 2017

"Off-road, the Outback's permanent, symmetrical all-wheel-drive system helps it to stand out among its peers. Its approach, departure and break-over angles are greater than those of most rivals, too, helping you traverse even deeply rutted tracks with greater confidence"

Subaru Outback
Autocar, 05 April 2017

"Can Subarus still go off road? Well yeah they clearly can, obviously some more extreme than others"

Subaru Outback
CarKeys, 06 January 2017

"What a practical, capable car this is. It's Subarus flagship vehicle, selling in the hundreds of thousands world-wide and it's one that perfectly reflects the Brands' core values. It's hugely able on the road, nearly imperious off it, has acres of space inside and cabin quality has moved up a notch too."

Subaru Outback
Parker's Car Guide, 23 November 2016

"That's because its proven all-wheel-drive system allows the car to go almost anywhere, anytime, under almost any circumstance. This means that on those days where it should really be a snow day, but the school district just won't cancel, your kids are going to be the ones getting to school. "

Subaru Outback
Business Insider UK, 15 March 2016

"If the current crop of fashion-led SUV's bring you out in a rash, Subaru's polished yet no-nonsense Outback offers a good blend of versatility, useful technology, all weather practicality and understated style."

Subaru Outback
The Scotsman, 27 March 2015


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