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Any car purchase is going to be a compromise, but I've never had a car that does so many thing so well! Best things about it - performance, handling, 50mpg solo and 30mpg towing. Worst things - Fiddly delayed routine for checking the oil level. Distance to nearest dealer (though in fairness they collect and deliver for services).

Subaru Outback
Paul A of Sutton Coldfield, 2016

What can I say, if you have owned a Subaru you don't need me to tell you why they are such great cars, and if you haven't owned one you should give them a try, and then you can fall in love with the brand just like everyone who owns one does. I'm on my third Subaru now, having had 2 Legacy's and now an Outback, and every time I decide to replace my car I honestly can't think of another brand that I'd rather have. They are everything to all men/women, practical, reliable & comfortable, yet a real driver's car with superb handling and road holding ability, and in bad winters with ice and snow I feel safe and in control while everyone else around me is crashing or getting stuck. I have loved all of my Subaru's, and I hope the brand will continue making great cars that appeal to me in this way, so I can be a Subaru owner forever!

Subaru Outback
Mr H of Hull, 2016

Our second Outback diesel (last one was a 2008 ReN). Really pleased with the last one and bought another due to reliability, excellent 4WD and fantastic dealer support (Simpsons in Highworth and Brookside in Anglesey). The 2016 version has moved on considerably in every way - smoother, quieter, more room etc. Overall very pleased with the car so far having completed 2500 miles. Any issues are very minor, but include: - Voice recognition is so unreliable it is effectively useless. - Electric boot opening is frustrating as it sometimes unlocks but does not actually open, and when it does open it is too slow - there is no reversional manual mode. - Headlamp main beam are not LED/halogen and appear yellow next to the dipped beam. - No spare wheel as standard - not a good trend on a 4WD vehicle. - It would be nice to have the full panoramic sunroof back. Subaru - please don't put gadgets on the car unless they work faultlessly or can be switched off! These are minor niggles and we are on the whole delighted with the car and the Subaru dealers.

Subaru Outback
Mr W of Gaerwen, 2016

Well built, comfortable, fuel efficient (57mpg), nice to drive

Subaru Outback
Mr B of GLASGOW, 2016

As a man who loves to fish, with a wife who loves to paint, the perfect car has to meet a lot of expectations. The boot must be large enough to accommodate not only the suitcases for the trips, but a panoply of fishing tackle, easels, canvases and paints (did I mention wader, wellies, waterproofs etc?). It must perform well both on and off-road with the ability to navigate muddy slopes, mountain passes and deep puddles. In addition, in order to perform in these situations, it requires excellent ground clearance and perfect stability. We have tried many 4x4 vehicles, but Subaru is the only car that delivers. The low centre of gravity afforded by the boxer engine gives a virtually roll free experience in all situations; a feature much appreciated by my wife who fell queasy in all other 4x4s that we test drove. The robust engineering is such that I do not anticipate a replacement in the near future, but when I do, there will be no contestants!

Subaru Outback
Doctor R of AYLESBURY, 2016

I love my Subaru, it is fantastic.

Subaru Outback
Mrs A of KNUTSFORD, 2016


"Perhaps the best tribute we can pay to this now well-sorted car is that, despite a heavy schedule, atrocious weather and busy roads we never once felt stressed out. Here’s a car that’s always a pleasure to drive."

Subaru Outback
Belfast Telegraph, 21 April 2017

"Off-road, the Outback's permanent, symmetrical all-wheel-drive system helps it to stand out among its peers. Its approach, departure and break-over angles are greater than those of most rivals, too, helping you traverse even deeply rutted tracks with greater confidence"

Subaru Outback
Autocar, 05 April 2017

"Can Subarus still go off road? Well yeah they clearly can, obviously some more extreme than others"

Subaru Outback
CarKeys, 06 January 2017

"What a practical, capable car this is. It's Subarus flagship vehicle, selling in the hundreds of thousands world-wide and it's one that perfectly reflects the Brands' core values. It's hugely able on the road, nearly imperious off it, has acres of space inside and cabin quality has moved up a notch too."

Subaru Outback
Parker's Car Guide, 23 November 2016

"That's because its proven all-wheel-drive system allows the car to go almost anywhere, anytime, under almost any circumstance. This means that on those days where it should really be a snow day, but the school district just won't cancel, your kids are going to be the ones getting to school. "

Subaru Outback
Business Insider UK, 15 March 2016

"If the current crop of fashion-led SUV's bring you out in a rash, Subaru's polished yet no-nonsense Outback offers a good blend of versatility, useful technology, all weather practicality and understated style."

Subaru Outback
The Scotsman, 27 March 2015


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