euro ncap

Euro NCAP test findings

Subaru vehicles are among the safest on the road today; with all 3 vehicles in the SUV range receiving the maximum 5* rating.
Subaru Outback: maximum 5-star safety rating

Against Euro NCAP’s stringent requirements, the Outback performed well in adult crash test protection, with maximum points awarded in the side impact barrier test. In dynamic crash tests the Outback scored maximum points for protecting small infants. For pedestrians, the bumper provided good protection to legs. Performance on open road conditions of the EyeSight safety assist system was rated ‘good’.

Subaru Forester: maximum 5-star safety rating

The Forester boasts high scores in all four main test areas with a maximum score for protecting body regions in the side barrier test. Front bumpers scored maximum points for protecting pedestrians’ legs. A 91 per cent rating for Child Occupant Protection plus the inclusion of advanced safety assist equipment places the Forester among the safest vehicles on the road.

Subaru XV: maximum 5-star safety rating

The Subaru XV won the maximum five-star safety rating in the 2012 Euro NCAP safety performance tests, and also the highest score for Child Protection awarded by Euro NCAP. Achieving the highest combined score for Safety Assist and Adult, Child and Pedestrian Protection, the XV’s crash test performance was best-in-class.