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The first day after I bought it my partner commented on how few Subarus are seen on the roads. He said "we have either bought a rubbish car or a brilliant one no one knows about". 2 weeks and nearly 1 thousand miles later I have to say the latter is true. I thought nothing could replace my Volvo Xc70, but my Hunter Forester does. It is a dream to drive and manoeuvre. Okay it's not the most attractive car to look at but I love it.

Subaru Forester
Miss B of NORWICH, 2016

Very comfortable and nice to drive

Subaru Forester
Mr M of BURFORD, 2016

This is my First Subaru. To be honest I wanted a reliable and well built vehicle that would cope with the rural roads. I considered several other manufacturers and chose Subaru. I do not regret my decision, the build quality is of the highest standard and the service provided by the dealership refreshing. I am not easy to please - but thank you Subaru, you have won me over

Subaru Forester
Mr B of HEREFORD, 2016

I have just purchased a Subaru Forester. I think that the car is brilliant. There is only one thing that I have to complain about. It's a pity that the seats are not as comfortable as the Outback seats. Subaru cars are so well made. I can't understand why there are not more to be seen on the road.

Subaru Forester
Mr D of WELSHPOOL, 2016

Tough and practical SUV that can actually go off road if you need to.

Subaru Forester
Mr K of NEWTOWN, 2016

Just a lovely driving experience. Has the oomph were required yet feels very safe. Plus, it is just a little bit different.

Subaru Forester
Mr R of BRADFORD, 2016


"The upgraded Forester offers better handling and improved refinement, generous interior space and cargo capacity, a commanding driving position and ease of entry and exit."

Subaru Forester
Bournemouth Daily Echo, 04 November 2017

"This is a capable and attractive vehicle which has been nicely freshened-up – building on its strengths without taking away the things that made it a good car to start with."

Subaru Forester
Midlands Business News, 05 October 2017

"The Subaru Forester has been recognised in an independent poll by 50,000 UK car drivers and placed firmly in the Top 10 cars to own in the annual Driver Power survey."

Subaru Forester
Belfast Telegraph, 27 April 2017

"It may be more capable Off-Road than many of its rivals. It also holds a certain amount of mechanical interest value, as Subarus tend to do."

Subaru Forester
Autocar, 05 April 2017

"Can Subarus still go Off-Road? Well yeah they clearly can, obviously some more extreme than others, and in that respect, the Forester is the Daddy!"

Subaru Forester
CarKeys, 06 January 2017

"Hugely reliable, pleasant to drive, spacious, comfortable and unpretentious."

Subaru Forester
SAGA Magazine, 12 Dec 2016


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