Towing Reviews


What drivers say…

Forester / Lunar Clubman 475CK2

Having owned 2 Freelander Mk2's which was used for caravanning I wanted an SUV that would at least equal the performance I had enjoyed. The Subaru Forester exceeded all expectations on all aspects especially reliability. The presence of the 4x4 Symmetrical drive and automatic load adjustment was found to be perfect. This together makes for a comfortable and relaxed towing experience. The rear view camera aids hooking-up tremendously and can now do single-handed getting the hitch directly over the coupling first time every time.

Forester / Bailey Pursuit 550/4 – 4 berth

I have towed for 13 years with a Subaru and have never had any problems at all. Current model, 2.0XT has so much power it makes for very relaxed and stable towing as well as being comfortable. 4WD has come in handy occasionally but not on the road!

Forester / Eriba Puck L 230 GT. 790 kg max unladen weight.

The AWD has to be the main advantage of towing with a Subaru, although, good, clear, all-round vision has to be of value as well. - - The higher clearance provided by the Boxer engine is also an advantage, particularly on bumpy caravan sites or pitches.

Forester / Lunar Quasar 462

A couple of years ago I pulled a Discovery out of the mud on a caravan site. I wish I had had a camera phone then! In March I put a Mocha driver's caravan on his pitch in the Yorkshire Dales because he kept getting wheel spin. The car and caravan are well matched and balanced. It feels sure-footed. I am towing my caravan up to Scotland tomorrow. I hope I find some mud. It is fun!

Forester / Lunar Quasar 524

After towing caravans for the last 20 years with Front Wheel Drive vehicles, I find the AWD a massive bonus when pulling away at traffic lights, islands and hill starts. In comparison to competitively priced vehicle, the Forester is more roomy - allowing 4 adults of 6' plus to travel comfortably with plenty of room in the back for dogs and awnings. As a bonus, the standard reversing camera on the 2.0 DXC is great for hitching up.

Forester / Sterling Eccles Jewel

It makes nothing of towing the caravan over uneven ground and wet ground and on the road you’re almost unaware you are towing something. I also tow a horse trailer and the Forester is by far the best vehicle I have had for towing that - apart from a Legacy I had many years ago.

Forester / Coachman Amara 5/30

I've towed with all sorts of vehicles over the years but the Forester is the best so far. The first reason is the permanent four-wheel drive but the second and perhaps the most important reason is the gearing. That is perfect. The first gear is so low, it's almost pointless when not towing but a reassuring joy when I am, especially on hill starts. This is helped of course by the anti roll back or hill start feature; love that. The Forester has the best all-round visibility I've ever had, is the most comfortable, spacious, adaptable and fun to drive. It's reasonably economical, unique and for me, above all, unpretentious. I love it.

Forester / Swift Challenger SE 570

Diesel 'Boxer' engine has an excellent range and will pull our caravan at a steady 55/60 mph whilst returning over 30 mpg. Also when dealing with steep hills, a quick drop down through the gears will maintain good momentum.

Forester / KIP EKV 37E

Great engine torque with a proper 4-wheel drive. The only vehicle to match it, which I have owned, was a Land Rover Defender and a Freelander but I don't need vehicles that big anymore. Adequate power without having an oversized engine. Good visibility to the rear. Rear camera so easy to hook up on one's own.

Forester / XPLORE 304 (13 ft. body)

Forester Turbo has plenty of power. The CVT gearbox is brilliant for towing - no clutch strain, full auto or full manual, as you choose. Full time 4WD is brilliant. The whole car is a very stable towing vehicle. X-Mode means no wheelspin when pulling out of mud or on wet grass.

Forester / Bailey Pegasus Genoa

It has proved to be an excellent towing vehicle for my van, very stable and smooth. The continuous four-wheel drive makes the unit very stable and not so liable to cross winds and passing large vehicles.

Forester / Lunar Clubman CK - overall length: 6mtrs

Very reliable, all wheel drive, good value. Since 1992 I have owned and towed with, seven Subaru's, including Legacy Turbo saloon, standard saloons, Legacy estates and Foresters. I have been happy with all of them. - When I had the saloon version other caravanners were amazed that I could tow my caravan through (sometimes) quite thick mud without any problem.

Forester / Swift Challenger 580, single axle MTPL 1650 kg

Having previously towed with an Outback we changed 1 months ago to a New Forester, which gave a slightly higher towing capacity. The Outback towed my caravan out of a sodden muddy field when a Land Rover failed. I find the Forester has tremendous torque throughout the gear range. Only last week I was surprised to be using 6th gear more often than I would expect on A roads.

Forester / Bailey Pegasus Milan 2, 4 Birth

The Subaru Forester is ideal for towing. I have the 2.00 DXC with the automatic/semi automatic box. I have now had the car for 18 months and have completed some 4500 miles of caravan towing with it. I live in the north of Scotland so I wanted a really good reliable 4WD that would be good towing in the snow as I use my caravan throughout the winter. The X mode is fantastic for towing in snowy conditions, so much so that I have only had to use my snow chains once! When towing on small lanes and needing more control the semi-automatic box provides excellent to change gear as selectively is absolutely effortless. It would be impossible to change gear in such a timely manner with a manual box. On the motorway towing the caravan is a dream - in automatic and with cruise control selected the car does all the work - I just point and steer! As an added bonus fuel economy (not always brilliant whilst towing) is better with cruise control set!

Outback / 2017 Lunar Clubman, overall length 7.315 metres, MTPLM 1470kg

Four-wheel drive (especially, useful on wet grass pitches or on gravelled pitches), good towing stability to maximum legal limit, ample torque for hill starts. Loads of boot space for dogs. This car has everything you need in a good tow car, 4 wheel drive, decent kerb weight, plenty of power & torque, room to carry plenty of kit & even a reversing camera to ease hitch up.

Outback / Lunar Ultima 570 , Lexon upgraded to Clubman spec. MTPLM. 1495kg. 7.348 metres

It has a very good power to weight ratio, very good torque in the diesel version, which I have, & a low centre of gravity, with its 4-wheel drive system it is ideal as a tow car. My 2015 Outback has a huge luggage capacity & is very comfortable. This car has everything you need in a good tow car, 4 wheel drive, decent kerb weight, plenty of power & torque, room to carry plenty of kit & even a reversing camera to ease hitch up.

Outback / Lunar Loxwood 544 - Length 7.25m - MTPLM 1350

Impressive kerb weight meaning a very stable towing experience combined with the four-wheel drive, which always gets you moving off wet muddy fields.

Outback / Bailey Pegasus 534

Fits the bill for easy towing. Auto gear box 4 wheel drive. Ample luggage space. Cruise control and eyesight. Enough power for all day towing and good petrol consumption.