subaru boxer engine

Boxer Engine

Low centre of gravity. Perfectly-balanced performance.


The horizontally-opposed configuration of the SUBARU Boxer engine places the pistons 180 degrees apart for a lower, flatter profile. This gives the powerplant - and therefore the whole car - a lower centre of gravity. More balanced weight distribution promotes exceptional handling and poise. And as the opposing ‘Boxer’ piston movements naturally counteract each other, they reduce engine vibration and noise, too.

In comparison, conventional 4-cyclinder engines where pistons either move up and down vertically (or in a V-shape) are much taller. They sit upright, compromising vehicle stability and may also require balancer shafts – adding extra weight. This clearly demonstrates how the SUBARU Boxer engine provides a better-balanced performance.


Subaru’s new e-BOXER engine has an even lower centre of gravity and a better-balanced vehicle weight distribution. Our e-BOXER vehicles also offer more responsive, instantaneous acceleration and terrain-gripping torque. Exceptionally smooth and refined, reduced vehicle noise and vibration mean Subaru’s ride quality is better than ever.


Because the engine block has a flatter profile and sits lower in the chassis, the overall vehicle is more stably balanced. It’s also more resistant to side-to-side motion and roll when cornering than other engine types.


The engine’s flat design is both inherently rigid and self-balancing. This means the engine generates less vibration than V-type or 4-cylinder in-line engines. The SUBARU Boxer engine combines intrinsic durability with reliable performance.