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Discover hybrid, the Subaru way

Discover hybrid, the Subaru way


Later this year, the Subaru XV and Forester will be available as e-BOXER self-charging hybrid vehicles.

Expect the same permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive go-anywhere capability. The same great handling. The same ever dependable rugged reliability. And the very latest advanced driver assistance systems and passenger safety technologies, including EyeSight.

The difference? Now Subaru’s e-BOXER self-charging hybrids add electric motor assistance: additional battery-based power that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption without the need to plug in to recharge.


Simply self-charging

Welcome to Subaru’s first e-BOXER mild-hybrid, self-charging SUVs.

Cleaner and more fuel-efficient than conventional petrol or diesel power, our e-BOXER vehicles offer more responsive, instantaneous acceleration and terrain-gripping torque. Exceptionally smooth and refined, reduced vehicle noise and vibration mean Subaru’s ride quality is now better than ever.

Thanks to a battery-powered electric motor assisting a new efficient e-BOXER petrol engine, Subaru’s mild-hybrids make every bit of energy count.

Automatically-optimised power

When pulling away, or in slow traffic, the electric motor alone does all the heavy lifting. When cruising, the e-BOXER petrol engine drives the car – but also recharges the battery. When accelerating or under load, both the engine and the motor provide power together. The electric motor power assistance – Motor Assist – is completely automatic. It works seamlessly with the e-BOXER engine to give you a cleaner, efficient, and rewarding drive.

Even when decelerating or braking, energy that would normally be lost when slowing down is recovered – and again is used for top-up charging.

Whilst the XV e-BOXER joins the current XV model range, the Forester e-BOXER is an all-new model. Now built on the new Subaru Global Platform just like the XV, the all-new Forester enjoys the very latest advances and technologies from Subaru.

UK pre-release e-BOXER test drives: be among the first.

From May 2019, we’ll be taking our XV and Forester e-BOXER demonstrator vehicles on tour at multiple venues across the country and we’d love for you to join us.


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