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This is my second back to back Subaru bought from Perkins Subaru going from the BRZ to the WRX STI . Both these cars are so much fun to drive . I am now a fan for life of the way they drive the reliability and the service I have received from the dealership . Can't imagine changing to another marque now and look forward to seeing there future technologies for the upcoming models.

Subaru BRZ

Exactly what I expected. Used daily as a commuter car , and on weekends if we don't plan to have to carry too much. Drives really well, has a sports car feel and gets admiring glances.

Subaru BRZ

I've had my BRZ from new four 4 years now and it still puts a big smile on my face when I drive it energetically. The BRZ is not about winning the traffic light drag race. It's quick enough but the real pleasure is the handling and pure driver involvement. Across country, there is not another car I would rather be in and I can say that based upon cars I have owned in the past which include a couple of Lotus', three M5's , an 8 series and an M6. All great cars in their own way but not as much fun as the BRZ. To really appreciate how good a BRZ is, find a dealership close to some decent B roads. You won't be disappointed !

Subaru BRZ
Mr W of POTTERS BAR, 2017

I recently purchased a subaru BRZ at my local dealership Dales Subaru. The service i received there from the whole team was simply outstanding so much so we bought a second car the same week , It didn't end there though the aftersales service was equally outstanding i have owned over 30 cars luckily 6 of these have been subarus as they are by far the best driving experience on todays market ,Well done Subaru and especially Ross at Dales Subaru enjoyed the friendly expert advice from the outset and the whole buying experience thank you

Subaru BRZ
Mr P of Barnoldswick, 2017

What a fantastic little car, the BRZ does exactly what you expect it holds the road and performs well. Very impressed with Subaru, Happy Dayz.

Subaru BRZ
Mr T of DEVIZES, 2017

I was always an admirer of the brand from the times of their involvement on the WRC. I saw the BRZ MY2017 for the first time on the Autosport Motor Show in January and my decision was immediate! I absolute love the handling and precision steering of the car, as well as a very balanced power to weight ratio and a sweet gearbox. This car is even economic if you want to. All in all I am very happy with this car and with the Team at Dales Subaru and will recommend any one to have test drive. You will fall in love!!

Subaru BRZ
Mr D of BURNLEY, 2017


“With 200bhp driving those not overly-fat rear wheels, it strikes a really welcome power-to-weight-to-grip balance that doesn't come along very often. And when it does we should all be happy.”

Subaru BRZ
Daily Star, 26th February 2018

“The BRZ is a supremely competent machine, even in greasy conditions, where its quick steering and alert chassis fill you with faith that the car will respond to your every command.”

Subaru BRZ
AutoCar, 17th January 2018

“The BRZ is extremely agile and corners as if it was on rails, while the new dampers help it to deal with difficult road surfaces. The steering is sharp and accurate, while the gearchange has a lovely action that makes you want to use it even more than you need to.”

Subaru BRZ
Eurekar, 13th January 2018

“Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the drive is how composed it is. The steering is totally responsive without being twitchy and the ventilated disc brakes are effective and work without drama.”

Subaru BRZ
Daily Record, 9th January 2018

“Handling is a big part of what the BRZ is about. The rear-wheel drive configuration is music to driving purists’ ears, while the low centre of gravity means this is a car that simply loves corners.”

Subaru BRZ
Parkers, 01 November 2017

“For purity and driver entertainment, the BRZ is the best in class.”

Subaru BRZ
BBC Top Gear


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